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Marine Cargo & Freight Surveyors | General Liability Insurance Adjusters

Marine Surveyors – Cargo/Freight Damage – Load & Discharge Surveyors

Our experience as marine surveyors of cargo, freight, and heavy equipment spans 10 years and includes thousands of losses throughout the United States. Our surveyors have experience with shipments including containerized goods, break-bulk industrial machinery, IT equipment, agricultural products, and many other types of cargo. We also have extensive history providing load and discharge surveys to a variety of clients.

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Independent Insurance Adjusters

Peak Claims has an extensive history providing reliable assistance to insurance carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured parties. We’re especially focused on General Liability (CGL), Trucking, Heavy Equipment, Structural Property (Residential, Commercial, Industrial), Wind & Hail, and Fire damages. We are known for providing an unbiased and thorough examination of losses; always without prejudice.

General Scene & Witness Investigators

Our experience working with insurance related losses naturally lends itself to documenting scene (incident) conditions and interviewing witnesses. Peak Claims provides assistance to attorneys, self-insured, and other entities documenting specific facts surrounding losses ranging from slip and fall claims to railroad liability incidents, and often includes obtaining sworn affidavits for further legal proceedings. Contact us today to discuss how we can help investigate the facts for your claim or defense.

Marine Surveyors & Transport Risk Managers

We attend cargo surveys on behalf of insurers, freight forwarders (logistics), ocean vessel carriers, railroads, aircraft carriers, shippers, and cargo owners throughout the United States. Peak Claims offers highly competitive rates in the Rocky Mountain region (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota) as well as the Pacific in California and Oregon, as well as the Midwest (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota).

About Peak Claims

"Client Retention Through Excellence In Communication" - Since 2006
Insurance Claim Adjusters & Marine (Cargo & Freight Damage) Surveyors

Peak Claims is an insurance claim adjusting and marine surveying company with a unique background of experience in a variety of coverages. As a client, you'll find quality advice from expert analysts and adjusters who assist in documenting losses with the utmost regard for an impartial and unbiased approach. Our primary goals are to compliment your customer service and uphold retention of your clients. When you assign a loss to Peak Claims, you can expect prompt initial contact and direct communication with the representative handling the file. We deliver quality claim reporting and transparency with detailed time logs that are easy to understand.

Whether you work with Peak as adjusters, investigators or surveyors, we endeavor to be your long-term client.

  • United States: Colorado, Ohio, New Mexico, Utah, Kansas, North Dakota (Bakken & Williston Oil), South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial P&C, Commerical General Liability, Heavy Equipment, Trucking Liability, Agri-Business & Crop, Water, Wind & Hail, Fire, Explosion, Appraisal Clause

  • General (Containerized), Food Product, Break-Bulk, Stock / Rolling Stock, IT Equipment

  • Settlement Conferences, Mediation, Witness Interviews & Statements, General Investigation

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