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Peak Claims are professional consultants who work as marine cargo surveyors and insurance adjusters operating primarily in the United States. We have been in business for over fifteen years, since 2006, and have a wide range of experience throughout the nation with a global reach. We had an elaborate website but it was attacked by internet pirates during a very busy Covid-19 era. Our former website is available by following the link below to the Wayback Machine / Internet Archive. Otherwise, we'll rebuild our website as time permits.


Peak Claims no longer provides marine surveys or related services originating from Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT. Services at those and other remote locations will originate from the lowest cost point of origin noted above.

The best way to reach us by email to: 


If you really need to call us please dial +1.888.816.0807

We receive postal mail (as a last resort) at:

Peak Claims Inc.

PO Box 101362

Denver, CO 80250 USA

Last Update: Oct 18, 2022

Proof of Work
The photos below were taken by Phillip A. Crimaldi of Peak Claims, Inc. We have around 87,000 more photographs from other relatable work. 

Steel Coils - Marine Cargo Survey - Chicago HELENA G

2018 - Damaged steel coils after transoceanic carriage to Chicago (USOUS) / Calumet River

Image of Yacht suspended from a crane rigging, within in a Bulk Carrier at Port Burns Harbor (USBNB) in Indiana
2020: After transoceanic carriage from Italy to Burns Harbor, Indiana (USBNB).

Photo of Windmill Nacelle overturned and heavily damaged on the rear of a truck, near Grover Colorado

2007: An overturned windmill nacelle near Denver, Colorado. 

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