September 9, 2010


Phillip A. Crimaldi - Peak Claims President & Operations DirectorPhillip A. Crimaldi is the Director of Operations for Peak Claims, Inc., a founding partner and majority shareholder of the company.  His office is located in the Imperial Building which is located in the South Broadway neighborhood of Denver, Colorado,.  Phil’s experience includes over 1,000 residential claims, dozens of property insurance appraisals, scores of  inland marine policy matters and cargo damage surveys, missing / lost inland marine cargo investigations, subrogation, premises liability investigations and settlement conference representation (for insurers), among other experiences.  Mr. Crimaldi’s broad experience of nearly nine years as an insurance claim professional has continued to foster growth of his ability in handling unique circumstances for a broad but refined market.  His focus areas are:

  • Missing, lost, damaged or stolen inland marine cargo and freight
  • Subrogation Investigations
  • Premises Liability and Fire Liability Claims
  • State District and Federal Court Settlement Conference Representation
  • Property Conflict Resolution & Appraisal Clause Representation
  • Property & Casualty Claim Handling
  • Witness Examination and Evaluation

The largest test of his professional experience (thus far) was applied during a personal / non-business litigation that lasted nearly 16 months throughout 2011.  Mr. Crimaldi took on a monumental battle against an American Family Mutual Insurance Company insured for a tort (negligence) originating from a fallen tree and personal property.  Mr. Crimaldi filed litigation “in propria persona” or “pro se”, representing himself through several motions and appearances before the Colorado 2nd District (Denver) civil court, including but not limited to a Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Strike an Expert Witness, with the latter resulting from an expert who had passed away mid-case.  The insured / insurer was represented by in-house (on staff) Senior legal counsel.  The matter was settled two weeks from trial and this letter of recognition was received from opposing counsel.