The Appraisal Clause: Managing The Cost of Umpires

This post was inspired by a recent LinkedIn group discussion, wherein a contractor questions the legitimacy of the cost for an Umpire’s services within the Appraisal Clause.  In the discussion, the Umpire was not called into play but is asking for compensation, and the posting social site member is essentially looking for documentation in support of Read more about The Appraisal Clause: Managing The Cost of Umpires[…]

Appraisal Clause: Water Damage & Mold in Florissant, Colorado

A summary of events and findings relating to Peak Claims Appraisal Clause service for a residential property insurance policy holder. Damages originated from an ice dam in Florissant, Colorado. The insured was represented by Peak Claims and awarded an amount in excess of 100% over the original claim.

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