High Wind in Colorado – Adjuster Perspective: May 22 2010

May 27th, 2010

This past Saturday in Denver, CO exhibited the most wind filled day I have witnessed in at least 3 years.  We had consistent 30+mph winds and regular gusts by the minute averaging 50+mph.  Although this wasn’t quite an abnormal condition for the region is certainly wasn’t expected and it wreaked havoc across the the city and suburbs, if not for the dirt and dust factor alone.  This type of wind is a common cause and origin for insurance claims and wind related adjusting of insurance claims.

I couldn’t help but notice this sign swaying in the wind

Sign at risk for falling and causing damages

Sign at risk for falling and causing damages

while in the parking lot at my at a local grocer, which happens to be a national chain based out of Austin, TX.  We were certainly surprised to find out that it had been this way for several hours before management put in a call for service, which was primarily based on our having notified them that it wasn’t the sign we were concerned about, but rather the liability risk of it falling on someone or something in the intersection over which it was hanging.  Certainly, aside from the direct result of the sign falling was a risk for the potential of cause and effect with a traffic accident.

Hopefully this national chain fixed up their sign before they became a victim of circumstance.

Always remember to consider loose items that can blow around or blind someone in the wind.  Wind damages account for a large percentage of insurance claim dollars per year, but one liability claim from something like that can account for a much more significant loss.

Peak Claims handles wind damage losses in Colorado and other areas.  Contact my office for more information.

Phillip Crimaldi is the Director of Operations for Peak Claims and his office is at the Peak Claims Central Office in Denver, Colorado.

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