First Blog post: How we got here and what to expect

The informal history on Peak Claims

We’ve encountered some ups and downs since inception in late 2005 (typical of any lender-less business) but are finally rounding into our fourth year of business.  Peak’s ability to publish this blog has been the resulting effort of “way past full time”  majority shareholder, surveyor, investigator, operations director and CFO, Phillip A. Crimaldi. Since I (Phillip Crimaldi) am writing this and have given myself a proper introduction I’ll be referring to myself in a more correct first person for the remainder of this post.

My initial experience as and adjuster was first had in a small office / home office (SOHO), in Northeastern Ohio.  That office was and still is owned/operated by 35 year veteran Independent Adjuster and surveyor, John W. Turner of Turner Claims Service (TCS).  TCS is partially provided work by a franchise which is not being mentioned in this blog for reasons to be listed in the future (not on our list of important things to do!).  I started out working hail damage for residential property & casualty policies.  Because of the diversity of that office and my ability to learn quickly, I was entrusted to review cargo damages, auto accidents, major trucking liability and select miscellaneous attorney files – mostly related to potential harassment and agricultural business damage cases.

After moving to Colorado on August 24th, 2005, I approached a client at TCS about working their residential damages at the recent Hurricane Katrina Disaster.  I was referred to Catastrophe Claims, Inc. owner/operator Jeff Wooley and was subsequently given a large number of files to adjust, based on a referral from said client.  In December, 2005 I headed back to Denver with some cash and a concept for an adjusting service in mind.  Our first file as Peak Claims was in the cargo damage field for one of our most loyal clients (we’ll not be mentioning them here).

After I met good friend Everett Sizemore at First Page Fitness (who specializes in health and fitness SEO & product review, among other things) the thought of publishing a website for Peak Claims became an interesting concept.  I reviewed other competitors websites and found absolutely nothing useful except for the fact that they were either outdated, completely useless or only boasted themselves to be the best.  None of the sites made any worthwhile explanation of how the survey, investigation or adjusting process works and they really appeared to be senseless in their content.  A further look into things made it pretty evident how the majority of these companies didn’t even have dedicated domain names for their email addresses.  What does that say about their willingness in the field? What do they do with their earnings?  These companies charge independent adjusters, carriers and other entities a big money percentage for a finders fee and they don’t support them at all.  I knew this was the cold-hard truth from my last (and first) stint at a currently un-named (we’re determining our liability for saying who) franchise based out of Carmel, Indiana.

Everett Sizemore convinced me to invest in a website, but at what expense? I talked to firms and discussed options with marketing managers at costs often exceeding Peak’s monthly gross revenue.  On a mission to get this business (and myself) into shape I bought a gym membership, a CSS / XHTML template and a mess of my favorite healthy snacks.  Night after night at around 7:30pm I would go for a trip to the gym and make it back around 8:30pm to read about web-design and the next thing I knew, the company website was published – albeit with some serious changes to be made down the road.  The site didn’t bring much business but Peak still ranks number one on Google Searches for our focused keywords – thanks to the good advice from Everett and his colleagues; who also mentioned the need for a blog – a wordpress blog to be exact.

As the nature of our business rises and falls in completely-impossible-to-forecast conditions (much like Denver’s weather), it became harder to find time for web-based (or any other) marketing, outside of our current efforts.  I spent a good chunk of time reviewing the concepts behind WordPress while juggling the inconsistencies of new business before setting this blog up, which brings us to present day.  Unfortunately it’s a far to beautiful mid August Sunday afternoon to be locked up in the Peak Claims office but I’m here, plugging away and getting to go for a perfect evening run; no different than two years ago and determined to keep Peak Claims much further ahead than our competition.  Blog on Peak.

Peak is a registered State of Colorado corporation with an office, inside of a larger office building.  Our core focus is outlined in the about page located within this blog but if you’d prefer a summary of  services we excel and have experience in, it is goes something like this:

  • Cargo Damage Surveys
  • Premises Liability & General Liability Investigation
  • Commercial Property Adjusting
  • Risk Recovery and Subrogation Investigation
  • Industrial, Break-Bulk and Super Load Cargo Damage Surveyors
  • Load in / Load out surveys

We support the United States Postal Service and prefer to receive non-legal daily postal correspondence and correspondence at P.O Box 101362, Denver, CO 80250 which has been our box since the date of incorporation with the State of Colorado.

We’re glad to accept your comments, questions, concerns or interests via the method of contact most convenient for you, which can be found here. You’ll have to hire us or do your own investigation if you’ve got something legally important to talk with us about – although we haven’t had anyone approach us yet for any kind of legal issue.

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