Site Redesign

I’d rather be blogging about the files on my desk this evening (much more interesting), but there’s been a unanimous decision here at Peak to modify this site to better suit the needs of our clients and those who come to visit.  It doesn’t do much good to blog if your web-site doesn’t very well support the traffic you hope to end up with.  I know what you’re thinking – how can this guy be any good at running a business, claims handling and web-site design?  I like to call it a late night hobby for now.  Nerdy – but true.

I’ll be tweaking the site and when that’s done there will be significant happenings going on over at the blog while I prep that site for it’s debut.  After which, I should have a good working knowledge of Joomla and be able to swing back around and give Peak the whirl wind update it needs to a Web 2.0 standard.

Consider this is the official notice that anyone who visits our site from today on through the next few weeks will likely notice some suttle changes, like including a drop down menu and re-arranging a number of pages to read a little better.  The site was unfortunately thrown together in a rush during late 2007 and some of the content needs to be separated into individual categories.  Any comments or suggestions would happily be considered – and yes, I know we need a contact for that allows uploading of documents!

Peak Claims is one of the very few independent adjusting companies lucky enough to have a significant web presence and high SERP listing.  With that being said we plan on keeping our domination on the web!

Keep an eye out late this week for a nice blog about some basics on adjusting and especially those looking to switch over to adjusting careers.

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