September 29, 2009


Marine Cargo Surveyors

Peak Claims has over ten years of experience providing thorough reporting to cargo insurers, cargo owners, freight forwarders and transport companies throughout the United States. What separates us from the competition is that we have significant first-hand experience with marine surveys in the following fields:

  • Containerized Shipments – Including intermodal dry rail (53′), 45′ Dry High Cube, 40′ Dry and General Goods, High Cube Reefer (Refrigerated & Frozen Foods), Flat Rack and Open Top (All Sizes). Our experience here also includes machinery and general goods of all types under a range of damages from packing conditions and shipment conditions including wet cargo resulting from multiple exposures.
  • Break Bulk Cargo – Nearly half of our surveying experience includes marine surveys for break bulk machinery, agricultural goods, crated cargo, and other goods which are stowed in vessel holds or on deck.  Our break-bulk history includes working with cargo from single crates to fully chartered marine vessels.
  • Heavy Equipment & Machinery – Our company has a unique set of experience working with heavy equipment in sectors which include oil and gas, construction, and mining.  Specifically, we have experience with ball mills; industrial power and energy applications such as transformers, wind power (nacelles, blades, towers), drilling and well intervention equipment throughout the United States.

Marine & Surplus Lines Insurance Risk Consultants

In addition to our experience as surveyors we have first hand knowledge concerning a variety of manuscript coverages in nearly unending fields of industry and business across the globe.

  • Load & Stow, Out-Turn and Condition Surveyors – We are also experienced in a wide variety of surveys which deal with goods which are undamaged.  In these surveys, we undertake review of the methods of transport, lashing, stowage, packing for a variety of freight and give recommendations on improvements or inherent risks.
  • Missing & Astray Cargo – In addition to damage surveys we are familiar with claims concerning missing or astray freight through review of shipment documents and by other means.

Independent Insurance Consulting & Adjusting

Peak Claims provides services as insurance claim and general investigators to a variety of markets including insurance carriers, attorneys, self-insured, and third-party administrators.  Our primary experience is in handling the following specific types of files:

  • Premises Liability – We are highly experienced in providing services to insurers and attorneys concerning general premises liability under a wide variety of venues, including concert venues, sports arenas and ballparks, commercial buildings, residential and construction settings.
  • IT Liability – Peak is also experienced in technology liability and has experience with forensic data recovery and review.  Our entire business is run on a Linux platform!
  • Trucking Liability – Our experience with trucking liability is extensive throughout the Rocky Mountain region, and is supported through work with claims resulting from extremely poor road conditions.  
  • ATV, Motorcycle, Dirtbike and “off-road” liability – We’re experienced with a wide variety of incidents and damages in extremely remote terrain, including Western Colorado and Eastern Utah (Moab), and North Dakota.


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