May 6, 2010

Cargo Underwriting Surveys

Peak Claims has extensive experience in conducting underwriting surveys (pre- and post-shipment surveys) for cargo and super load freight over 90+ tons.  Our underwriting surveyor experience lends itself to various cargo types in several major industries, including green power and solar related equipment.

Mid-Lift Cargo Underwriting Survey

Cargo Underwriting Survey – Flight Simulator

In addition to having experience with new risks we’ve also participated in scores of classic risks in both break bulk and containerized shipments, such as paper and various metals.

A detailed underwriting survey can help to protect your risk by documenting every move in the transportation and rigging process.  When Peak services your request for survey, we document all of the details because we know the smallest of factors can play a role in recovering a loss down the road.  More importantly, the load out is the most important stage in transit of cargo covered by an inland or marine floater.

Completed Underwriting Survey

Completed Underwriting Survey

If your cargo must be able to ensure the rigors of road, rail, air, or ocean transit then someone experienced in determining the cause and origin of related damages should be there, on the spot, to prevent those mistakes from happening to your shipment.  We make it our priority and focus to document all pre-existing and questionable conditions in an underwriting survey.  If you’re considering an underwriting survey for pre-shipment in the United States, or aren’t sure of the benefits that a good underwriting survey can provide in defending your policy / risk, then please feel free to contact us for further information.

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