March 18, 2014

Insurance Claim Adjusters – Colorado | Kansas | Ohio

Insurance Claim Adjusters

Colorado (Denver) – Ohio – Kansas – Pennsylvania – Nebraska

Peak Claims has experience as general insurance claim adjusters in a variety of markets. We assist insurers, attorneys, property owners, and third-party administrators with the coverages listed below.

 Truck Damages - Liability Claim

Our experience spans billions of dollars in coverage because we understand the most important aspect of providing an adjusting services is communication.  Our motto “Client Retention through Excellence in Communication” remains a firm cornerstone of our business.  Peak Claims has been operative since 2006 and remains free of any error and omission claim while remaining without a single complaint from any customer.  We frequently review local laws and law reviews for changes in liability standards within our region, and work diligently to ensure our services are compliant with local, state, and national standards.  Please follow a link below, or use the search function on this page to find out more.

  • Property & Casualty Claim Adjusters (Commercial, Residential, Agricultural):

    • Wind & Hail – (Roofing and Exterior Structural Components)
    • Fire & Explosion
    • Water Damage & Pipe Burst (Including Mold and Mildew Claims)
    • Roofing & Structural Failure
    • Theft & Burglary (Damages caused by the peril)
    • Slip & Fall (Ice covered walkways, uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces)
    • Damage to Property Caused by Casualty (Fatality on Property)
    • Premises Liability & Injury (Restaurant, Residential, and Business Premises)
    • Third-Party Injury on Premises (Such as Landlord / Tenant Claims and Land Owner Claims)
  • Speciality Coverages & Markets

    • Railroad Liability (Grade Crossings, Wild-Fire Liability)
    • Agricultural Business (Farm Machinery, Liability, Crop, Food Product)
    • Wild-Fire Liability & Subrogation (Damages caused by such events)
  • General Investigation

    • Witness Interviews (Statements and Personal Interviews)
    • Preparation of Affidavits (Drafted and Notarized)
    • 3D Modeling of Incident Location Detail (For consideration at trial or elsewhere)
  • Subrogation

    • Damaged caused by Auto, Truck, or Railroad (Review of potential Indemnity and Correspondence)
    • Manufacturer’s Liability (Tracing Origin of faulty materials)


If you’re interested in becoming an insurance claim adjuster or reading more about the business of insurance claim adjusting, please consider visiting our sponsor, The Independent-Adjuster.

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