January 15, 2010

Explosion & Fire – Insurance Claim Adjusters

We’re experienced in things that glow hot and go “boom”:

Whether it be arson, explosion, fuel fire, or a 4th of July sparkler in an indoor Christmas tree set by foreigners who were feeling some holiday tradition, Peak has experience handling your fire claim. We also have experience with wild fires and forest fire liability.

Peak has experience with fire losses in our service areas with a combined 30 years of experience working large losses.  Although we treat each claim as new, fires and explosions are nothing new to anyone at Peak Claims.  Attention to detail and excellence in communication are the best prevention against potential litigation issues.  We also understand that working with fire claims can be a very emotional time for businesses and home owners.  We are not swayed by emotion but you and your insured/client will have our undivided attention and consideration during this time as we strive to document the conditions of each loss carefully.  These have always been our core values when handling a fire loss.  Our Denver, Colorado branch handles fires in the metro area including Boulder, Four Mile Canyon, Canon City and other areas subject to wild fires and forest fires.  Below are some photos of claims that we have taken an active role in adjusting and investigating:

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