October 6, 2009

Property & Casualty Adjusting

Peak Claims assists insurers, attorneys, property owners, and third-party administrators by providing  commercial, agricultural, and residential property & casualty independent claim adjusting services.  Our experience includes hundreds of claims related to wind, hail, water, fire, theft, construction failure and other select exposures.

We have verifiable experience with the following perils in residential property & casualty claims:

Hurricane Damage - Wind removed mass section of roofing in second story area

Wind and rain entry damage caused removal of mass roofing section in second story of large residence. Failure caused by faulty construction technique. Residential Wind Damage Adjusting Service

  • Wind and Hail damage (hurricane, tornado and general wind-storm) to asphalt 3 tab, dimensional, wood shakes, wood shingles, rolled roofing, flat roofing, clay tiles, and architectural roofing shingles.

  • Hail damage to asphalt 3 tab shingles, dimensional, architectural and wood shake shingles, concrete tiles, and other select roofing material.

  • Water Intrusion from pipe bursts, wind driven moisture, roofing failure, and other related water intrusion claims.

  • Mold, Mildew and fungus.

  • Premises Liability and General Liability

  • Casualty – Including slip and fall, tree liability, and damages to persons and property.

  • Fires – Christmas trees and Holiday lights, Fireworks and arson.

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Moderate Wind Damage to Residential Property & Casualty Dwelling Risk

Moderate Wind Damage to Residential Property & Casualty Dwelling Risk

Our reporting and estimating methodology is proven to reduce the threat of litigation, prevent department of insurance complaints, and keep your customer retention rates steady.  Feel free to give us a call at the number above for more details about our very cost effective rate schedule.

“A residential dwelling is a homeowner’s greatest investment; therefore a homeowner is a great asset to any insurance carrier.”


Our five elements to claim success are:

1.  Having the utmost impartiality in the survey process.

2.  Providing excellent customer service while giving firm notice that when coverage exists, we’re happy to settle for a fair amount – nothing more.

3.  Proof of excellent investigative and survey skills to prevent error in the discovery of cause and origin.

4.  Quality written and verbal communication.

5.  Ability to close at the earliest possible date, without haste.

At Peak we know that our experience speaks for itself, but that’s not all we offer. We’ve chosen to write extensively in our blog and portfolio about our experience from those findings.

Our motto has always been “Providing insured retention through excellence in communication and customer care”, because combined with experience, this is a proven basis for success; more so in the residential property & casualty insurance claim market than other coverages.  Our number is above or you can send us a message and expect a quick reply; we’re happy to answer your questions.




Mold resulting from water pipe burst in a basement left unattended

Mold in dwelling – pipe burst left unattended while on vacation







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