October 6, 2009

Hail & Wind Insurance Claim Adjusters

Peak Claims has very extensive experience assisting with hail and wind insurance claims.  In fact, we have more experience with residential and commercial hail and wind damages than any other peril combined under structural coverages.  We have assisted insurers, property owners, attorneys, and property managers by providing impartial and independent services for over 1,000 wind and hail files.

Ridge Shingle Hail DamageOur experience adjusting hail and wind damage insurance claims includes a wide range of residential and commercial properties, including single family homes, hotels, restaurants, agricultural losses, and multi-family properties.

Photo of roof showing wind damage and insurance adjusterWe understand important metrics such astop notch customer service, consistent and reliable service time, and how well our reports hold up when you need them to.  Feel free to contact us for a sample report or view our portfolio and blog for relevant information on our experience.  Please note:

  • Peak has a flawless liability record with our clients working under these and all other coverages which we survey or adjust.  We have never even fielded a single customer complaint!
  • Our adjusters are experienced and ready to work for you and with your clients.
  • We take an unprecedented interest in providing the most impartial and unbiased reports possible; our experience includes working for the Plaintiff’s bar with area law firms which helps us to be objective in a capacity far beyond other insurance claim service companies.
  • Our reports include all of the facts revolving around a claim and are written in full, meaning that we don’t rush through them with short-hand like some of our competitors do.
  • Even our most basic service includes a report, captioned photos, estimate and underwriting assessment.
  • Peak uses industry leading estimating software with updated pricing.
  • Our adjusters are experienced and are experienced in working with local contractors toward an agreed figure for the amount of the loss.

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