October 5, 2016

Marine Cargo Surveyors

Qualified Marine Cargo Surveyors For Hire

Peak Claims is an ideal choice as marine cargo surveyors with over ten years of experience specializing in damages and other types of surveys throughout every type of cargo or freight.  We provide in depth reporting as to insurers, cargo owners, shippers, manufacturers, freight forwarders and transport companies throughout the United States.  You can count on Peak Claims for first-hand experience because we rarely sub-contract and aren’t in the business of “re-assignments” like most of our competition in the marine cargo surveyor business.  Our staff specialized in cargo and freight damage suspected to incur in ocean, rail, truck (over the road) and airline shipments.  Peak has experience in the following fields:

  • Container Cargo Damage Shipments – Including intermodal dry rail (53′), 45′ Dry High Cube, 40′ Dry and General Goods, High Cube Reefer (Refrigerated & Frozen Foods), Flat Rack and Open Top (All Sizes). Our experience here also includes machinery and general goods of all types under a range of damages from packing conditions and shipment conditions including wet cargo resulting from multiple exposures.  As marine cargo surveyors we understand the wide variety of factors which can contribute to cargo stowed within ocean containers.
Damaged bags (packages) of silicon dioxide damaged in transit - photograph taken by marine cargo surveyor for cargo insurance purposes from within warehouse, looking into container parked at Spanish Fork, Utah.

Containerized ocean (maritime/marine) shipment of goods damaged in transit upon arrival at Spanish Fork, Utah.  Photo obtained by Peak Claims – Cargo Damage Survey – Copyright Peak Claims, Inc 2016.

  • Break Bulk Cargo – Nearly half of our surveying experience includes marine surveys for break bulk goods such as machinery, agricultural goods, crated cargo, and other goods which are stowed in vessel holds or aboard the deck.  Our break-bulk history includes working with cargo from single crates to fully chartered marine vessels laden with steel and many other types of goods.
Pile of DDGS product resting at Port of Ivory California

Previously Burned DDGS upon arrival at Port Ivory (Reedley, California) after shipment from Indiana (United States) during abnormal weather conditions.  Photo obtained by Peak Claims – Marine Cargo Surveyor

  • Heavy Equipment & Machinery – Our company has a unique set of experience working with heavy equipment in sectors which include oil and gas, construction, and mining.  Specifically, we have experience mills, oil and gas, industrial power and energy applications such as transformers, wind power (nacelles, blades, towers), drilling and well intervention equipment throughout the United States.  These types of damages are ideal for the marine cargo surveyors at Peak Claims.
Damaged Ball Mill Section - Climax Mine - Colorado

Damaged Ball Mill Section – Climax Mine – Colorado

  • Discharge Surveys – In addition to understanding a wide variety of cargo we are also experienced with discharge surveys at major ocean ports in the United States.  A careful review of import cargo before the distribution chain is a crucial step in preventing supply chain issues.  Our experience in this mode also include small electronics and food products.
Color photo of steel coils at rest in warehouse during marine cargo survey. Coils are resting on the warehouse floor.

Steel coils at rest at warehouse wharf at Port of Stockton (California) during marine cargo survey.

Marine Cargo Damage Consulting

In addition to our experience as surveyors we have first hand knowledge concerning a variety of manuscript coverages in nearly unending fields of industry and business across the globe.

  • Load & Stow, Out-Turn and Condition Surveyors – We are also experienced in a wide variety of surveys which deal with goods which are undamaged.  In these surveys, we undertake review of the methods of transport, lashing, stowage, packing for a variety of freight and give recommendations on improvements or inherent risks.
  • Missing & Astray Cargo – In addition to damage surveys we are familiar with claims concerning missing or astray freight through review of shipment documents and by other means.

Experience Is The Key To Success for Marine Cargo Surveyors

Our experience had led us to a variety of cargo types which are noted in the following list.  If you have a type of cargo that isn’t on this list please consider calling us as this site may not have the most current listing, and much of our experience lends itself to working well with all types of cargo.

  • Aerospace (Aircraft Hull, Flight Simulator, Antennas, Balloons, Aerostat)
  • IT Equipment (Servers, Storage, Networking, Switches, Telephony)
  • Heavy Industrial (Power Plant, Mill, Mining, Pumps)
  • Automation & Control (Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB Alstom)
  • Bulk Paper Rolls & Paper Products
  • Computer Kiosk Systems (ticketing, gift cards, etc.)
  • Border & Customs (Rejection, Interference)
  • Food Product
  • Green Energy (Wind Turbines, Nacelles, Wind Blades)
  • Break Bulk & Stock (Steel, Copper, Piping, Iron)
  • New & Antique Furniture (Imported, Domestic)
  • Biotech & Medical (Medical Supplies, X-Ray Equipment, Pumps)
  • Manufacturing (Wind Energy, Solar Panel)
  • HVAC Equipment (Cooling Towers, Heating, Industrial, Commercial)
  • Precision Tools (Gyroscope)
  • General Merchandise (Clothing, Retail Goods, Electronics)
  • Super Load (90+ Tons)
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Building Supply (Stone, Glass)
  • Pharmaceutical (Raw and Finished Product, Related Equipment)

We have experience with the following perils / causes of loss:

  • Insufficient Packing
  • Transit Fortuity
  • Shifting & Damage due to incorrect or poorly designed lashing
  • Reefer (Refrigerated Container) Temperature fluctuation and overloading
  • Water Damage (Nitrate and Chloride Ion Testing)
  • U.S Customs Rejection and Bonded Customs Warehouse Failures / Foreign material presence
  • Unknown substance existence
  • Heavy Accident / Total Loss

Our standards for conducting a cargo survey are simple and effective:

  1. Remain impartial in gathering evidence that proves or denies fact.
  2. Record all pertinent details that will contribute to an effective subrogation solution if available.
  3. Ask relevant questions of the parties involved.
  4. Organize the above into a report with corresponding photos that can be easily deciphered, understood and interpreted by you and your colleagues.

If we don’t have experience handling your specific type of loss we’ll be glad to discuss how our prior experience will help to ensure a reliable outcome.  We believe strongly in denying acceptance of files that are beyond our scope of ability but are happy to provide a consultation at no charge.  Please contact our lead cargo surveyor, Mr. Phillip Crimaldi, at 888.816.0807 (ext. 704) for additional information or simply fill out our confidential contact form with a few details and we’ll call you at your convenience.